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Top features: - Measure body fat and muscle mass percentage - Monitor your heart rate and keep on top of your fitness - Count steps taken, calories burned and sleep with 24/7 activity tracking - Use Sports mode to compare the intensity of your exercises - Never miss a call or text with smartphone notifications Measure body fat and muscleMeasure your body fat and muscle percentage from your wrist at the touch of a button. The TomTom Touch will let you know how your body composition changes over time to help you understand your fitness level and whether your fitness routine is helping you to achieve your goals.Monitor your heart rateMonitor your heart rate throughout the day and find out your resting heart rate, which is a great indicator of your fitness level.See how many steps you've takenWith 24/7 tracking for daily activities you can monitor how many steps you take throughout the day, how long you're active for, calories burned and sleep time. TomTom Touch tracks your activity during the day and night.Measure exercise intensityLog your workouts in Sports mode and compare the intensity of one workout with another. See how yesterday's run and last week's sweaty bootcamp compare and which was most effective.Get smartphone notificationsNever miss a call or message. TomTom Touch provides notifications alerting you to messages and incoming calls, so you won't need to constantly check your smartphone during a workout.